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[Ganoksin] Step by Step - Photoetching Using Photocopy Transfer

Etched copper pendants

How to patina copper with Miracle grow and vinegar

Photos on metal. Simple and inexpensive. This blog show how to make it step by step.

from Think.Make.Share.

Flowers! Get your fresh flowers here

Learn from the pros and gather inspiration to craft your own fresh flower art with these crafty ideas from Think.Make.Share, a blog from the creative studios at Hallmark. From printmaking to watercolors, there are a million ways to add some fresh floral artwork into your home and onto your walls!

A couple of people have asked me how I engrave a piece using a client's own handwriting. It's a fairly simple procedure. First of all I ask for a digital photo of the message written in their handwriting. I then clean up the the image, sharpen the script, scale it to fit the piece and create a mirror image of the message in Photoshop.  I can then print this out and iron the message on to my flat piece of metal before it's formed into a ring using a common household iron. Then it's just a…

from Delia Stone's Studio

Free Metal Etching Tutorial – Happy New Year!

Free Metal Etching Tutorial

from Rose Metals Jewelry

Salt water etch…..for the first time…for copper

Salt water etch

from Modern Parents Messy Kids

Elsewhere: A New Art Technique to Try

Printmaking...string, blocks of wood, tape, cardboard pieces, Q-tips...could be great DIY wrapping paper.

How To Transfer An Image To A Rock