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Decided to jump in on the @handletteredabcs challenge and catch us up to letter J! My goal is to show different nibs, pens, styles, etc for the rest of the alphabet! Who else wants to play? #designroots #calligraphy #handletteredABCs #handletteredabcs_2016 #moderncalligraphy

Brand Launch: Mikel Rumsey | Brand Board, Brand Styling, Brand Design, Hand Letterer, Hand Lettered, Hand Drawn, Brush Pen |

Flower pens - One of my very favorite projects. We went from never being able to find pens in my house to now knowing where they are everyday. And every season I can change out the colors! - Love it!

Weird, expensive pens. I love, love, love these pens. They are so out of this world beautiful. Now how can I afford just one?