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"You're not fooling us." She turns the notebook, holding up the page so I can see it, showing me my own foot which is somehow evidence that I'm not me. "We know you're not Raleigh." We. Not the royal We. The crazy We. Sibella Giorello, Stone and Spark Excerpt from Stone and Spark #yalit #teasertuesday #amreading

A book review on "The Reflections of Queen Snow White" by David Meredith, an adult fairy tale retelling about what happens for Snow White after her happily ever after.

She was too drunk to realize how many times she’d already asked so she kept me up the rest of the night. She asked over and over again. She’d seem to wear out and tell me that if anything like that ever happened again, I was to tell her immediately and “I swear-ah, Ah’ll kill ’em.” Karin Mitchell, Between Families

Her mother would pounce if a single tear leaked out. “Toughen up, Nadine,” she’d say. “The world is a brutal place, and you’d best have a thicker skin.” Excerpt from Forgive me by @danielpalmer #amreading #teasertuesdsay #mystery #suspense

Excerpt from Lee Child's Make Me @LeeChildReacher #thriller #amreading #teasertuesday

“Lydia didn’t want me to be upset when I heard. She didn’t want me to be surprised and be upset with you and make things tense. Are you going to meet her? You should.” P.D. Workman, Pursued by the Past #TeaserTuesday Double-Header! Murder with Peacocks and Pursued by the Past #books #amreading

The beginning of a new year naturally starts people thinking about new beginnings. New Year's resolutions, goal-setting, self-improvement, and planning for success. I have started with some of my favourite goal-setting and planning books, but don't stop reading if you are not a New Year's Resolutions person, because I've also pulled together some fiction and non-fiction books with the theme of new beginnings! New Year, New Beginnings #amreading #books #newyearsresolution #goals…