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Enrico Bombieri : The Mathematical Truth

BBC Horizon programme. Simon Singh's moving documentary of Andrew Wiles' extraordinary search for the most elusive proof in number theory.

Sergiu Klainerman : Mathematical Theory of General Relativity :

Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors of a Matrix

11-26-1894 Cybernetics author Norbert Wiener is born. Wiener’s book, published in 1948, was a major influence on later research into artificial intelligence. In the book, Wiener drew on World War II experiments with anti-aircraft systems that anticipated the course of enemy planes by interpreting radar images. Wiener also did extensive analysis of brain waves and explored the similarities between the human brain & a modern computing machine capable of memory association,choice & decision…

Doron Zeilberger - Erdös Memorial Lecture 2010

Enrico Bombieri - Number Theory, Analysis : The Mathematical Truth

Paul Erdos - N is a Number

Tim Gowers : The Importance of Mathematics - Lectures given in 2007 at the Millennium Meeting of the Clay Institute