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bird feeder plastic bottle

Green house out of 2 liter soda pop bottles.

Garden Tip | Use the tops of old pop bottles to help start seeds and seedlings.

from pop bottle to planters -- perhaps integrate the bottles into a larger PVC pipe mounted vertically into the ground...

Deep root watering for plants using a 2 liter soda bottle - tutorial

The 2-Liter Solution: Building a Pop Bottle Greenhouse

Aqua spikes. Use your 2 litter bottles and twist the auqa spike on the bottle and in the ground for deep root watering, indoor, outdoor and container gardens. Great idea

Home - Solar Rain Chains I WANT I WANT I WANT!!!

This spinkler is a simple recycle project that can be a lawn spinkler or just a devise that the kids can use to get wet! Materials: 1 Empty 24oz soda bottle 1 Plastic coat hanger with or without hook 2 Large rubber bands 1 Hose end replacement kit 5/8"($1.67 at Lowes) 1 Rubber washer for swivel hose end Mighty Putty Tools: Drill & bits

from New girl on the blog

Denim Jeans Planter

DIY Gardening project (craft) (From another pinner) Used a pair of jeans and four two-litre pop bottles. Fill the bottoms of two bottles w/ plaster, saturated the jeans w/ Stiffy Bow, which is a sort of gluey thing that stiffens when it dries, let them dry, and spray on two coats of clear polyurethane. Adorable planter, quick and easy!