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Magnetic Hematite w/ rose quartz and Swarovski Crystal

Magnetic Hematite, is known as a grounding stone. It's also a stone to calm the mind. It can help one to sort things out and calm racing thoughts. It helps with memory retention and is useful while studying. It also assists in dissolving negativity as it can transform the negative to a more pure state of love. Magnetic Hematite helps regulate energy fields. They also help increase the blood flow when the stone is placed on an injured area. Rose Quartz is the stone of…

Blood Song (Raven's Shadow)

Photo (Still, That Kind of Woman)

Pegal, kuyub, dingin, masuk angin, umur, iya, tau kok, ok, selamat malam dimps! :))

VP Products Of Drug Addicts Blood Bath Raised On Corrupt Etiquette Path Of Coyote Ugly Mad Dash For Cash

This is "Maine Coon Buddy of Maine Coon Castle," he is a male cat from our own cattery. He was born and raised here. Currently, Buddy has a long body and great legs and that's exactly what we are looking for. Buddy is a product of old and new blood lines at our cattery. His angular snout is beautifully formed and especially, it is not too long. We will enjoy seeing him as he gets older, and even more beautiful.     He is a show cat, and has done very well, earning several Best in Show ...

Statistic about the impact of Texas' agricultural system. Which we could lead into a discussion about how Texas would be so successful in crop production (climate, transportation, etc).