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In Defense of Judicial Elections (Paperback)

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Judicial Branch – Where Would the Case Go? Scenario Review Game (Civics)

Judicial Branch – Where Would the Case Go? Scenario Review Game (Civics) This is a fun and interactive way to test your student’s knowledge about the United States Court System. Students can work individually or in groups to figure out what court would here the case in the scenarios. Follow the link to see my other products related to the Judicial Branch THE JUDICAL BRANCH

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Reader's Theater: Branches of Government (intermediate grades)

Students will bring the 3 branches of our government to life in this whole class script of We the People! The fast moving script reviews the roles and responsibilities of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches in a fun, relaxed way! This original play contains 24 parts featuring various reading levels to ensure whole class participation, differentiation, and engagement.

This whole-class style readers theater focuses on the three branches of government (legislative, executive, and judicial) in a fun bootcamp style format! Students are drilled on facts about each branch by their bootcamp sergeant. A graphic organizer to

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Whose Job Is It? United States Government Branches Sort

The Founding Fathers of the United States of America set up a most unique form of government. There are three branches, each with its own set of responsibilities. This product can help make those responsibilities clear and understandable to students as they sort the various responsibilities using the branch labels included. $

Creative way to have students remember key social studies terms. It something the students can use to study for a quiz or test, or just to have incase they need to refresh their memory. Local and State governments The structure and function of the branches of government of New York State and local governments, including executive, legislative, and judicial branches

NAACP READY TO COMMIT VOTER FRAUD THROUGHOUT AMERICA IN 2014 - In a huge new story about voter fraud that we’re sure Attorney General Eric Holder will investigate (yeah, right!), the conservative Judicial Watch group has uncovered a massive criminal conspiracy that’s sure to impact the upcoming elections. The more Judicial Watch uses their tough legal time to dig, the more evidence they are uncovering that …Share

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A.P. Government Word Wall BUNDLE

This is a Government Teacher's dream! 236 pages of key government terms to use as a word wall! These are key terms for any AP Government or Civics class. The files are broken into five sections, click on each to find a preview of the product:Legislative Branch Legislative BranchJudicial Branch Judicial BranchExecutive Branch Executive BranchPublic Opinion Public OpinionElections Elections***To the two people who bought four word walls individually, I have changed the name of "Public…

from Teachers Pay Teachers

GOVERNMENT BUNDLE - Articles of Confederation, Constitution, Three Branches

This is a very huge, very comprehensive bundle, complete with not only 3 large units but, a Government interactive notebook to go with the units! The included government units are the Articles of Confederation, The Constitution, and the Three Branches of Government. The Three Branches of Government include the Greek influence on government, the three branches, (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial), and levels of government, (National, State, and Local). This is a great value!


Judicial Review of Elections in Asia (Hardcover)

Judicial Review of Elections in Asia