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Never Give Up Poster by Hossam Saad, via Behance

Ruins At Philae Island by Darcy Michaelchuk

Stela to the Apis bull (painted limestone)

The Hypostyle Hall columns by the court of Amenhotep III

Model of a Funeral Boat ca 2030-1640 BCE. Egypt. Middle Kingdom. Photo courtesy to rocor Located at the Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts, Stanford, California

Egypt, Thebes (UNESCO World Heritage List, 1979) - Luxor. Valley of the Kings. Tomb of Seti I. Corridor. Relief. Isis (Dynasty 19, Seti I, 1304-1290 B...

At the Ramesseum Temple, Luxor Sekhmet is shown holding Ptah representing the transfer of energy from the anodic Sun to Earth, powering natural disasters.

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The Egyptian Museum (المتحف المصري)

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