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The Difference Between Forgiveness and Trust is Something You Can't Afford to Miss - For Every Mom

How Do We Know Jesus Existed? Natasha Crain formerly questioned her faith in Christ until seeing the mountains of evidence, including evidence from these 4 important non-Christian sources: http://christianmomthoughts.com/how-do-we-know-jesus-existed/

Every mom and dad I know wants to know if they are doing this parenting thing right.Read more here for 7 ways to know you're being a good mom. #momlife #family #parenting

I Want to Marry My Dad He is Extremely Powerful in Bed Daughter Confesses A girl has confessed of sleeping with her father and cannot stay without him as he satisfies her in bed. A Zambian girl has made a shocking confession about her secret affair with the father. She tells her story below. I am 23 Year old girl in Mufulira explains why she enjoys sex with her father than any other guy she has ever met before. Naomi (25) who refused to go for tertiary education to stay with her father…

Andien Ippe: Akad Nikah Ceremony - I never thought I was going to meet you in my miserable time When I thought my life would be closed to an end You just came You guard And you guide As far as I remember, I did not fall in love with you You neither with me I just walked into love with you Choosing to take every step along the way Yes, I do believe in faith and destiny Thank you for all positive energy you always share All the good thoughts you always think All the loving feelings you always…

Every mom and dad I know wants to know if they are doing this parenting thing right. After I wrote 7 Ways to Know You Are Being a Good Dad, I thought it would be important to also give moms their due. So, for today’s blog, I asked my wife, Susan, to share with you […]

The adage says where your mind goes, energy flows. If you want your child to develop a good mindset, ask them the right questions to encourage conversation.

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