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To honor my hubby girls and grandbabies the girls initials are in the leaves

Beautiful nature-inspired engagement ring. I like how this has a branch-y look without actually being leaves and branches.

Once Upon a Time ~ A beautiful Princess happened upon a frog in a pond. He said to her “I was once a Handsome Prince until an evil witch put a spell on me. One Kiss from you & I will turn back into a Prince. Then we can Marry. Move into a Castle w/ my Mom, & You can make my meals, clean for me, bear my children, and FOREVER be Happy in doing so! That night while dining on Frog legs, the Princess laughed out loud and thought “I Don’t EVEN think so!” ~ Barbara Close

ON SALE Antique Victorian Style White Opal Filigree Engagement Ring, Sterling Silver October Birthstone Ring, Floral Leaf & Vine Motif, Size and other apparel,...

Elle Fanning pour Lolita Lempicka ou le nouveau visage du parfum mythique

{Fc: Elle Fanning} "Hi, I am Victoria but you can call me Vicky. I am sixteen and a servant for the royal children (the princes and princesses). I help clean their clothes, and make their beds...and I have a itsy bitsy crush on one of the princes...but I don't think he even knows I exist." I frown. "Oh well, introduce?" -Vicky