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Catalina de Médicis, (Florencia, 1519 - Blois, 1589), daughter of Magdalena de la Tour Auvergne (1495-1519) ~ reina de Francia, esposa de Enrique II y madre de los también reyes de ese país Francisco II, Carlos IX y Enrique III.

Mary Boleyn, (Sister of Anne Boleyn) 1 of Henry VIII mistresses who bore him an illegitimate child.

Catherine Carey. Lady Knollys. (Dama de honor de Isabel I), hija de William Carey y de Maria Bolena. Por tanto Catherine Carey era prima hermana de Isabel I

February 8, 1487: Mary, Queen of Scots, executed. "I forgive you with all my heart, for now, I hope, you shall make an end to all my troubles," Mary told the executioner. His first blow missed her neck altogether. The second struck her neck, but didn't cut through -- he had to saw through to finish the job. When he held her head aloft by the hair, her wig came off and her head rolled to the ground. Then, a bloody little Skye terrier emerged from her skirts, and refused to leave his mistress.

A silver gilt clock given to Anne Boleyn by Henry VIII, her falcon emblem can just be glimpsed on the side shield. Anne's apartments would have contained many very expensive ornaments like this.