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More than ever, women are the breadwinners for their families #WEmatter

REPUBLICAN: Someone who calls a democratically elected President a "communist" while cheering for a REAL communist leader of a foreign nation to invade another sovereign country in the hopes of embarrassing their own President that is trying to give them affordable health care.

NYTimes changes “Four Young Boys Killed Playing on Gaza Beach” headline to obfuscatory “Boys Drawn to Gaza Beach, and Into Center of Mideast Strife” giannis-antetokounmpo Source:

from Salon

GOP’s 30-year spin job is over: Why we are not a center-right nation

From minimum wage to the environment to abortion, America is far more liberal than the media or the right admit

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Top Photojournalism Of 2013

THE MALEBOLGE, NETHER REGIONS OF DARKNESS—Noting the incredible rate at which the community has grown, sources confirmed Thursday that Hell,...

UFO Sightings Are More Common Than Voter Fraud -- The GOP says election fraud is rampant. A close look at the numbers shows there's no evidence of that.

When it comes to women in congress or parliament, America is #91 – behind Afghanistan, Iraq, and Rwanda.

Debunking the 'absent black father' myth | MSNBC