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Babirusa- This animal is also called as pig-deer. They are only found in the Indonesian islands of Togian, Buru, Sula, and Sulawesi.

Lion’s Reaction to a Little Girl’s Kiss Shows Just How Much the King of the Jungle Doesn’t Belong Behind Bars (VIDEO) | One Green Planet

Aye-- This creature is the largest living nocturnal primate in the world. They are seldom regarded as Madagascar’s version of the woodpecker. They can detect and rip grubs out of hollow branches. They are bizarre-looking animals and according to some beliefs, they are an evil omen. This reason alone may contribute to their declining number because some say they are killed immediately after being seen.

Shoebill- The name of this bird was basically taken from their beak’s shape. They were only documented during the 19th century.

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Quit Wasting Time on Google, We’ve Picked all the Best Recipes For You

Quit Wasting Time on Google, We’ve Picked all the Best Recipes For You One Green Planet July 11, 2016 Food Monster vegan app