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beau taplin quotes / a bad trade

Assuming you will only be happy if life is going exactly how you want and people are acting like you think they should, based on YOUR mood or YOUR agenda is pure silliness! And poor decisions will follow to fulfill a void you created!

from Dave Willis

3 things to do immediately if you feel burned out

I chose this quote becuase i agree with what it is saying. When you have spirituality and believe in something greater than yourself, your fears and worries will slowly disappear becuase you have a greater power to rely on.

-- Her Lack of in Betweens -- Limited Run, Individually Numbered Quantities in typewritten format now for sale on Etsy. Once they're gone they're gone. DM me for details. (Still finalizing the store). #carsonsellsout

I'm good at the former and horrible at the latter.