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... Nights like these... Caused by men mostly...

Someone said this to my mom when she had 1. now she has 3 and a large one taking up her whole back. No, they aren't trashy looking, they're really pretty. I constatly ask her about them and where it hurt the least and things. But once I saw an old lady look at us like she was disgusted, I just smiled and stayed with her. :D

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Alma, MI

bucket list before i die; get a tattoo - #bucketlist #tattoo #beforeidie

Hands down best hand tattoo I've ever seen

Yes all the yes! And I'm glad I'm not the only one who remembers how darrow was a little b**ch. Also fr like i seriously want people to stop whipping Aelin, she is not a slave and I will not have another beautiful tattoo given to her by her mate ruined.

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Hahaha tattoo idea... I like it but not sure if I'd get it xD Pinterest: @driamiller