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Zo-onna mask for Noh theatre - Depicts a mature young woman with a refined, peaceful, otherworldly expression. Often used for divine or otherwise supernatural female characters.

KWLT's Macbeth takes the Thane of Cawdor to whole new dimension with a Kabuki inspired theme through the vision of director Jonathan C. Dietrich. Jonathan and actor Kevin White who plays the morally conflicted monarch dropped by Coral FM this week to chat more about The Scottish Play aka "Mackers" - one of Shakespeare's greatest tragedies and a favorite with today's audiences through its grueling tale of politics and murder entangled with fate. ttp:// - All Hail…

Eisa is a popular dance form known by Okinawans of all ages. Presented throughout the year for entertainment, the dances were traditionally performed to comfort ancestral spirits believed to have returned to Earth and to help send them back to the spiritual world. Large groups of men and women wearing brightly coloured costumes perform formation dances in lines or circles. Eisa performances also featuring drums, chanting, folk songs played on the Sanshin and hand gongs.

Queen's Hall, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. Arup recommended improvements to this 1959 building | Arup