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I've tried a couple of @fitcrunchbars in my time but they've never really been a regular thing. I did a review on my blog ages ago of the cookie dough one and was pretty impressed. . When I was making my @musclefooduk order I decided to try the Birthday Cake bar. I'd seen on IG that Fit Crunch just released a cinnamon bar (so I'll probably have to try that too ) so I wanted to make sure I was up to date with flavour releases . As with all of the bars in their line this had a really… | Logan's 2nd Birthday cake ~ Handy Manny | I must confess I've never heard of Handy Manny but had to sit through an episode before I made this cake - it seems it's Disney version of Bob the Builder!. The pliers and the saw are candles, I bought them an age ago as a set (there was also a hammer, screwdriver and wrench) it just so happened that I needed 2 candles and that the pliers and saw were the correct colours as per the characters in the show. All I needed to…

from droolfactor

Easy Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki! Japanese exchange students made this for me ages ago, but they used pork. I've been wanting to try it again ever since.

from cooking ala mel

Avocado Chocolate Mousse

Oh.  My.  Goodness.  I’ve seen a lot of chocolate avocado pudding/chocolate avocado mousse recipes floating around the blogosphere, but I never realized just how creamy it would be.  Had I known, I would’ve made this ages ago.  It’s that creamy.  And delicious.  So chocolatey.  Just how I like it.  And yes, it has avocados in …

from What2Cook

Decadent Black Bean Brownies

Recipe For Decadent Black Bean Brownies - HOLY COW! These were amazing and I was nothing but furious with myself for not trying them ages ago when I first found the recipe. Fudgy, moist and oh, so chocolatey. Exactly what I needed but in a much healthier form than normal.

Now here's a beautifully wonderful classic dessert that I haven't tried for ages!!  Honestly, I don't think I've ever even tried making it before, but the last time I tried tasting it was ages ago ...

from Goodie Godmother

Vanilla Bean Swiss Meringue Buttercream Frosting

Love it? Share it!Goodie Godmother turns THREE this week! It simultaneously feels like yesterday, and ages ago, that this beautiful adventure began. Thank you for joining me! Since this is the first year I’ve really had the opportunity to focus on the blog, I wanted to make this week special. Months ago, I started thinking … Read more...