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Shocking: An Islamic Terrorist Did Something Unthinkable In America And Obama Hasn't Said A Word! When a detective asked him to clarify whether all four murders were “done for vengeance for the actions of the United States in the Middle East,” Muhammad Brown stated unequivocally: “Yes.” He added that he was “just doing (his) small part.” Read more at

In Kate Morgenroth's first novel, Sarah Shepherd learns the hard way that life begins when there is nothing left to lose. When we first meet her, Sarah is a homemaker in her 50's who leads a comfortable and orderly life until, in a split second of carelessness, she causes a car wreck that kills her husband and a teen-age couple. She is left badly injured and deeply despondent. Since Sarah has no other family, she is shipped off to a rural nursing home to while away the rest of her empty…

ART SHOW!!! What a great way to display a variety of students work that is an interactive display .. by Squarehead Teachers: "inspiration in a box" class project display