Baby Giraffe Born At Busch Gadens Tampa Bay |

Baby female reticulated giraffe born to father Jafari and mother Cupid at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

I think he's adorable!!  Nelson is a Kea Parrot hatched in a zoo in Germany.

I think he is cute! poor parrot, his parents left him because he was "ugly"

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Walk up in the club like "waddup we da imgur mutha fuckas"

giraffes in sunglasses. I really want this framed in my house lol. I love it!

Awwwwww! Me and Gianni <3 Can't help myself.

She has her mother's neck! Nature park welcomes the arrival of 6ft tall baby giraffe

A tall Baby Giraffe is cared for by an Adult Giraffe at Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay in Florida. Weighing approximately 12 stone, the newborn is the Calf of Father, Jafari and Mother, Cupid

Awwww, animal love. Who says they have no feelings??

i want a giraffe kiss professionalphotography: “ Kissing Giraffes - True Love (by Buck Forester) ”


Chip: What part did Gadget say we needed. Dale: What does this button do Chip?

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