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Dr Oz: Is Ambien Safe? Ambien Defense, Zombie State + Female Dosage

Is Ambien safe? The popular sleep drug has led to some shocking stories that have potentially endangered lives. Dr Oz explained what patients need to know.

Dr Oz: Teacher Donates Bikes To Needy Kids + Bikes For Angels

Dr Oz talked to a now retired teacher about his organization that gives bikes to kids in need.

Dr Oz: Amy Purdy On My Own Two Feet + Dancing With The Stars

Dr Oz talked to world champion snowboarder and former Dancing with the Stars contestant Amy Purdy about overcoming meningitis and what all she’s done since.

Dr Oz: Inflammatory Foods + Cream Cheese Alternative

Dr Oz explained what foods cause inflammation and what you can eat instead of a bagel and cream cheese.

Dr Oz: Why Take A Multivitamin + How To Find The Right One For You

Dr Oz explained why you should be taking a multivitamin, how to find the right one for you, and when you should take it.

Dr Oz: Are Angels Real? + Signs, Messages, & How To Connect

Dr Oz investigated whether angels really do exist and if so, can they help us heal?

Dr Oz: Counterfeit Foods + Wild Vs Farmed Shrimp & Turmeric

Dr Oz shared the shocking truth about counterfeit foods, including shrimp and turmeric.

Dr Oz: Woman Lost Entire Family In Fire + Overcoming Grief

Madonna Badger joined Dr Oz to talk about overcoming unimaginable grief after losing her three daughters and parents in a Christmas Day fire.

Dr Oz: How Sleep Positions Affect Your Health + Comfort Tips

Dr Oz explained how your sleep position can affect your overall well being and what simple changes you can make to sleep better and wake up in less pain.

Dr Oz: Neglecting Your Health By Always Putting Others First

Dr Oz talked to four nurses about their coworker who always seems to put others first, leaving her own health neglected.