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The Summer Set-Someone Like You. Not really the best music video, but one of my favorite love songs <3

Top 10 Songs: Month of October September Leftovers BTS - Lost Every song from WINGS is very good but Lost is the song that I listen to the most. I just love the Pop and Hip hop inspired song that's about not knowing where you're going or coming. I also love the fact that its a song with just the singers of BTS. This songs resonates with me heavily besides it being a great track and that's why it made it to the list. Crush - Fall Can we just stop and appreciate this man's work? Not only…

Plumb - In My Arms-I absolutely love this song! The video is just one someone did and not Plum, but the song is amazing. Makes me think of my kids and just how dependent they are on me. Its my arms that will be open for them! What an amazing job I have being a mom!

I still remember what it was like when I first fell in love with Jesus. To some people, I know that this kind of language is unfamiliar or uncomfortable, but it’s the language of Scripture, the language that His people have used for centuries to describe what is truly indescribable. Call it poetic imagery or […]

He's gonna hate us for obsessing over it cuz he's always like "oooh I'm so bad i just know a few songs and i can't read sheet music and when you say im good it makes actual good people sad-" NO. I'M A MUSICIAN OKAY AND WHEN I SAY YOU'RE GOOD I MEAN 3 THINGS: 1.YOU'RE GOOD. 2. YOUR PLAYING SOUNDS REALLY NICE AND IS LOVELY TO LISTEN TO. 3. WE LIKE IT WHEN YOU PLAY PIANO

I <3 Adele! Someone Like You, Set Fire To The Rain, Rumour Has It & Rolling In The Deep

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