Pinterest • The world’s catalogue of ideas is a Web platform where creative thinkers worldwide can design better, together. The community of over 26,000 tackles global challenges for social good. Community members can contribute to the process in a variety of ways, from inspirational observations to business models and code snippets. The strongest ideas are then published in the public domain and can be taken forward by the community or the sponsoring organization. IDEA 2012 | Finalist

BATS19 | Combination electronic bidet and toilet allows user to adjust the emperature, pressure, width and position of the water spray when cleaning and the temperature of the air when drying. | Design team: Coway, Hun-jung Choi and Coway, Mi-youn Kyung | IDEA 2012 Finalist

Designer: Minsoon Kima and Samsung Art Design Institute (SADI). A flexible-lens digital camera that utilizes liquid silicon. During regular use, it can take photos of the whole environment using its normal angle view. It is also able to change the shape of the lens to take in wide-angle and close-up views. 2012 IDEA Student Finalist.

Smart Design team: Tucker Fort, Hideaki Matsui, Brook Kennedy and Nicholas Oxley. OXO Tot Whale Pail for bath toys. IDEA 2012 | Finalist.

The Diver Distress Signal System allows a single diver to quickly and efficiently communicate his or her distress to other members of the diving group. The emergency function is readily accessible by pulling the handle on the device. Once activated, it uses alarms and light signals to communicate various levels of distress. IDEA 2012