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Desenhos criativos e bem pequenos (10)

Artist Lorraine Loots recently embarked on a new series of miniature watercolor paintings. Called Microcosm Mondays, she aims to paint a space-related piec

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The Dark Side Of The Moon Watercolor Art Print - paper size: or - printed on heavy weight textured, acid

Lorraine Loots-  Teeny tiny 4.543 billion-year-old planet Earth. From "The Blue Marble" photograph of Earth

Day : Teeny tiny billion-year-old planet Earth. 🌍 From “The Blue Marble” photograph of Earth, taken during the Apollo 17 lunar mission in 27 x 27 mm.

Day 280 : A section of the Large Magellanic Cloud - located next to the constellation Mensa (which was named after Table Mountain). The cloud is associated with the puff of smoke from Van Hunks's pipe, or the way the clouds roll over the mountain on a windy day.

From idyllic seaside locations to favorite local foods, Loots' daily paintings illustrate items and scenes from her South African city life.

Table Mountain from Blaauwberg Beach.

Day 241 : Table Mountain from Blaauwberg Beach. 28 x 28 mm. (at Blaauwberg Beach)

Lorraine Loots, an expert at creating tiny art “for ants,” is back with a new series of mind-bogglingly small (and beautiful) paintings of animals, space, and her favorite books.

Just Look at the Stunning Detail in These Mini Paintings and Try to Not Be Impressed. Paintings for Ants is the the brainchild of Lorraine Loots, an artist whose mission is to painting 100 mini paintings this year.

Mountain tops with moon behind idea

Mountain tops with moon behind idea