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i washed my paws in the toilet - Bing Images

I tried drowning my sorrows, but it isn't easy holding someone's head in the toilet with these stubby paws.

stop posting... you are embarrassing yourself-- Hahahahaha! yep!... they think they are being witty and smart, but only make themselves look stupid.

12 Terrible Jokes From The Bad Stand-Up Comedy Cat

What better way to ease the stress of back-to-school preparations than more adventures from LOLcat skool? I hope your prep days go better than this.

Fun Cat Facts #96

Fun Cat Facts #96

The creature we love and the pet who treat us like a S. (On my mind I'm dancing and singing, with Britney to the song I'm a Slave For you while I'm taking care of my Kitty.) I'm a Slave For you.

But these things are good for chin rubbing. (meow)

You realize it’s just the same 26 letters being rearranged, don’t you?