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Things that amuse me 12

Safety belt is very important.exept in a school bus with fifty kids inside of cours!

Seriously, can someone please tell me how he had time to paint his entire self(including his face which he could not see unless he had a mirror) all while being chased?

Donkey finds Peeta…

Funny pictures about Donkey finds Peeta. Oh, and cool pics about Donkey finds Peeta. Also, Donkey finds Peeta.

Yes, I know this is stupid but I laugh every time I look at it.....

Funny pictures about Help me out! Oh, and cool pics about Help me out! Also, Help me out!

246c1b72d643e841972a4ca30cd5218e--retro-christmas-christmas-humor.jpg (236×335)

246c1b72d643e841972a4ca30cd5218e--retro-christmas-christmas-humor.jpg (236×335)

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Relatable Post #1294

I'm sure this is buried on this board somewhere, but there's nothing about this comic that isn't gold!

Funny Avengers Pictures

okay, these Mama Fury things half scare me, and half amuse me (Loki's duct taped to his bed though.)>>I don't know, I'm particularly fond of the bunny slippers

I read it in Martin's voice until I got to "You have some explaining to do" then it turned to Ricky Ricardo.

WhoLock text--- The thing that's amuse me about this is that John know what a Time Lord is and care about Sherlock explaining why more then that there's an alien in their kitchen.

EP 411 hahahahaha that part was awesome :p

EP 411 aaand our chibi detective is a perv. Only for Ran tho