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I know it's not Christmas yet, but last year I sold out in November, so I'm starting early this year. Especially since I found these AMAZING stones in Devon and Cornwall. So perfectly imperfect and ever so calm and lovely. I can't help but think that all Christmases should be like that. AND have a Rudolfo in their lives, just for fun #stoneartbysussi #gallerilivsmaleri #thesecretlifeofstones #happyartproject #sussishappyartproject #colourmehappy #cornishstones #devonstones #amazing…

Though this is not a tutorial post, I hought to share this as an inspiration for fellow crafters. While pinning last few days, my ind blewe away with these paper raft because thoe are masterpieces of most creative artists. The speciality of paper quilling is you can make one like them by seeing the pictures. So, here are the most beautiful pictures of paper quilling I found all over the internet.

Pinguin collage the sharp icy boarder is cool, kids could use green for jungle and add a leafy border or add coral or seaweed like boarder for different creatures -oh even rocks and a dragon in the middle, lots of ideas collage paper craft mixed media

It's actually okay to do "nothing". Being productive 100% of the time isn't possible, so don't feel guilty for just relaxing!