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Bullseye! Watch This Openly Gay Radio Host Expertly Target LGBT Hypocrisy Over Indiana Law | Gaystopo

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Your child! A teacher did this to a student. She is a pathetic teacher. Jail is where she belongs. Her student is to be admired for his/her stance on Jesus. I would love to read the entire article. Shame on schools for taking God out of our classrooms.

No more hiding his intent to destroy everything America stands for....he's telling us loud & clear! Do you really want a dictatorship?

Matt #2A Fight on

atomiktiger #WeAreN on Twitter: What if the U.S. adopted Mexico's illegal immigration laws? This could work!

ISIS Is Still Holding an American Woman AND a European Woman Hostage (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

WHERE is the TRUTH IN JOURNALISM? The MSM spends its time avoiding any stories that might embarrass Obama, thus denying us the information we need to make clear decisive decisions concerning our lives & our country. They should be tried for TREASON!