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Woman Protester; Woman Suffrage. Suffragettes With Banners. It was made in 1918 by Harris & Ewing.

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In our early history there were many restrictions on who could and couldnt vote, not even all white men could vote. We should be eternally grateful to those who fought for us to have our God given right to vote. Take your suffrage seriously - vote! suffrage banners via vads

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Bloodied Banners: Martial Display on the Medieval Battlefield

The Guild and Trade Banners | Drogheda Museum Millmount

3/3--As in this Faith Ringwold quilt, textile arts produced mainly by women include maps, coded messages, calendars, declarations of faith and doctrine, protest and resistance banners, asa well as socially constructed utilitarian objects and object of art.

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Mini protest banner. Empower women. Resist injustice. Transform lives. Inspired by the Justice Matters for Women initiative #justicematters4women