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I strangely want to try these, not sure why.

Workout Exercises Ezekiel: Kettlebell Fitness: Fast, Full-Body, And Effective. Not only is the kettlebell one of the most versatile fitness tools, kettlebell exercises give you an all-in-one cardio and strength-training workout that can burn up to 20 cal

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Belly Blaster! Click here to download Download whole gallery at home workout Click here to download Download whole gallery The R.I.P. workout for arms n abs Click here to download Download whole gallery Abs Click here to download Download whole gallery

creatingkitten: “ Fitness guru Jon Stratford has devised a plan that will help you drop up to 25 unwanted centimeters from your waist, bum, thighs, and arms - with visible results in a week and a full...

this is NOT a blog about losing weight; it's about getting fit, and staying fit.™ ------------------------------------------------ about us: we are two girls who just simply want to get fit. we aren't looking to lose weight, but to get in...

Fitness Chicks "Where fitness and beauty collide" Disclaimer: I found all of the pics/videos from other tumblrs and around the internet, so I don't own any of them unless otherwise stated. If you own any pics and wish them removed please email me.

30 Day Guns, Buns & Ab Challenge. This will work arms, pecs, legs, butts & abs—i.e., the key areas of being sexy & fit! I am doing this! (Along with other training.) It targets everything I want to work on, so I will be able to improve in every area every

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Random Inspiration #24

10 Ways to Burn 100 Cals in 10 Minutes: Try Plyometrics. You don't need a rope, a step or a plyo box to get the benefits of a jumping workout. An equipment-free 10 minutes on level ground can still burn 100 calories if you're keeping your intensity levels