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English vs. Math tests

Very true for me. I'm lucky to get a B on a math test much less an A.

Repunzel Midevil Vs Modern

Tangled: a modern adaptation

English Major Armadillo - Professor Threatens to Throw Self Out Window At the Incorrect Use of "IT's" I Like This Man

[Picture: Background — a six piece pie style colour split, alternating black and grey. Foreground — a picture of an armadillo. Top text: “ [Professor threatens to throw self out window at the incorrect use of & ” Bottom text: “ [I like this man.

$2 This foldable organizes the meaning and graph of each of the types of inequalities.    This is a GREAT item to add to your interactive notebook!      I have included detailed directions for printing, copying, and creating the foldable.

Graphing Inequalities (Foldable!)

introduction to geometry vocabulary foldable

foldables - Bing Images Examples of all kinds (variety of subjects) of foldables & flip books (introduction / study guides)

Tested on this in math class- long division.

Tips For Teaching Long Division - Bing Images

Not always true! I hardly saw t-shirts at the beginning of the year. Many clubs sell them  but they're usually $10-$15 per shirt and you don't want to buy them all. I'm not really inclined to buy a chemistry club shirt as an English major. Bring T-shirts.

Berry College in a nutshell, lol:)

Math+Foldables.JPG 968×1,296 pixels

The day I discovered Math Foldables .

Math-O-Vision Video Contest for high school students. Deadline May 1.

Math-O-Vision Video Contest for high school students. Deadline May

#Made4Math Monday – Parallelogram Foldable « the radical rational…

#Made4Math Monday – Parallelogram Foldable