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Krav Maga: Third party protection against a choke and gun Sept 2013 - YouTube

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Change the WORLD not the CLIMATE Vote Green Party by punkpatriot, $25.00

Tony Robinson, | Some people think of “being alone” as a bad thing. It either means you’re anti-social, or unwanted, neither…

The bark of an ancient bristlecone pine pinus longeave in the white mountains of central California

I Cant Pin It!: Self Defense for Women

This was the birthday cake for my two year olds farm animal theme party. The base my husband made by covering plywood with felt and adding white fencing from Hobby Lobby. We added a protective layer of felt that we removed after the cake and it now serves as a "pasture" for her to play with her farm animal toys.

This little one was tragically lost to miscarriage during her second trimester of preborn life. Although she lived a short life, she has touched her world in a way that may someday save millions of children like her. You see, she was born before any legal protections are extended to human beings living in the womb. In other words, American children like her can be brutally and painfully dismembered while still alive for any reason at all. It's time to end the tragedy of human abortion...

Been to the last two! I really wanted to go to Fearless.... Gosh Tay why you gotta be so popular?!

Truth be told... VOTE the DO NOTHING GOP OUT on NOV 4th!