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Shown with original and as found finish and weathered patina. It is in remarkable condition with the copper still showing nicely. The back plate, shade top, and shade bottom are all solid copper with the arm from the back plate to the shade made of aluminum, and of course the ribs between each piece of glass being lead. Surprisingly none of the 12 pieces of clear pebble glass panes are broken.

How to make an outdoor pool umbrella half barrel flower pot stand. Shade! 1) Real/resin half barrel (drill holes in the bottom for drainage) 2) QUIKRETE or a cement block that has a hole in the center for your post 3) Put in PVC pipe (spray paint to liking) 4)Use small stones or pebbles to increase the stability. Cover with dirt and plant flowers. 6) If you use a tilt umbrella the wind may blow it in a circle. Drill hole in PVC, put screw in place.