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Interstellar bubble #N44F | In this unusual image, Hubble Space Telescope captures a rare view of the celestial equivalent of a geode — a gas cavity carved by the stellar wind and intense ultraviolet radiation from a hot young star.

Hands on visualization - how far the planets are! There are other learning ideas about the moon in this post.

In this space... We are passionate. We trust and treat others with honest & respect. We work hard and stand for creativity & innovation. We believe in community. We are dedicated & love what we do. We are inspired.

Interior Design Idea - 13 Examples Of Desks In Hallways // An all white work area in this long hallway makes for a bight space to get to work, and the long shelves provide plenty of extra storage space.

The lights in this room basically sets the mood or tone in this room. There is very little space.

from Decoholic

20 Amazing Kitchen Pantry Ideas

This space is created by opening the space between the studs in the wall. Small, skinny spot, but look at all of the fabulous storage with small pantry items that take forever to find - a great idea to steal space and have a big impact. via Design Sponge

This photo utilizes space very well (not outter space) by showing the amount of area the sky fills in comparison to the land and being able to show that the sky is the more important piece in this picture by using proportion as well to show the grand scheme of the huge sky compared to the smaller plot of land

The rocky alien planet Kepler 186f is an Earth-size world that could have liquid water on its surface, and possibly even life. It orbits a star 490 light-years away. - Credit: Karl Tate, Infographics Artist

Lost in Space! ... I chose my Confirmation name of "Maureen" after the wonderful mom in this show!!! ;-D