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"Monsanto's herbicide glyphosate -- trade name RoundUp -- which is used on most genetically engineered crops, is sparking new and serious concern, not just among GMO opponents but among health and environment experts globally. Glyphosate (RoundUp) has long been touted as virtually harmless. EPA doesn't even bother to test for residues in food, having decided years ago they pose little risk. But studies to the contrary have gradually been accumulating, and in March of this year, 17 experts…

26 Everyday 'Solutions' That Make Everything Worse

Putin-says-No-GMO--- SEE WESTERN citizens,,,, that is how a government cares for their people. But western governments poison us from every source they can.

Weather science: How to make a cloud in a jar (2 different methods

Two different methods for making a cloud in a jar. What a great weather science activity for kids! || Gift of Curiosity