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Am I the only one who can imagine like lazy Sunday's where you just cuddle with Calum and you wear sweats and don't do anything all day except cuddle, talk, and perhaps watch a bit of TV. Make some pizzas or like some cookies or some cute shit like that

(Fc: LUKEYYY) "Hello, the name is Luke. Im 19 and single as a pringle." I giggle, "I'm pretty awkward, oh yeah! I'm in the band I smile, "Casey is my little sister, and I'm very protective of her. that's about it, say hi?"

I just thought I'd share with you all that because of those dorks right there, tomorrow I am 3 months clean of self harm.>>>thanks for helping amazing girls like this to know there is always something that's worth it

Love how there all posing, all happy :) Ashton, Calum and Micheal are like "boom! Aced another photo shoot" (although thats mainly Ashton) and Lukes like "Get that camra out of my face"

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