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from Creations by Kara

Creamy White Christmas Punch

This Creamy Christmas Punch will be a hit at any holiday gathering! It is easy to make, and so delicious. A perfect punch recipe!

Day 29 of the #planwithmechallenge: how to scheduling my fitness routine is surely something I've learned from June. I worked out one hour a day for months with very poor results. Then I realize that maybe I was doing it wrong. First of all, I was not eating clean in a significant way. I was really good on healthy food all along the workweek and then tend to fall in the fast food issue in the weekends. So now I changed my food plan, adding proteins and fruits for breakfast, trying not to…

Lou: Maybe what happened on the trail ride wasn't the best idea, Mitch. I mean, there's something between us, that's undeniable, but this new business, it's gonna be my entire life and... any time I have left I have to spend with my girls so... Timing's bad. Mitch: Yeah, no I know it's... it's kind of a running theme with us. Lou: I just wouldn't want you to have to wait for me. That wouldn't be fair. Mitch: Good luck in New York, Lou. (10x02)


black decor accents done RIGHT

orescent and black paper was not what you were expecting, right? Us either, but there is something so cool about this super interesting nook. Intense in a totally good way.

Puff Pastry Parmesan Cheese Twists ~ I can’t believe how easy and hassle-free these were and when I ate it, I can’t believe something so simple could be so good... great appetizer!

tbh i never thought something so small like hair color would bother me so much (especially when the art on the whole is so good) but damnit feyre's hair is brown, BROWN not blonde

Unless there's tuna in the middle of that, my cat wouldnt touch It! Lol. Cute pic though...wonder what it's made with?

from Coldstream Outdoor

An Apple Cider Vinegar Smoothie Recipe to Love

Hard to believe something so natural and accessible is SO STINKIN' GOOD FOR YOU! Here is a really yummy smoothie recipe using apple cider vinegar, raw honey, apples and lemon juice. Tastes like a slice of APPLE PIE! Read up on the many bene's of apple cider vinegar. Amazing stuff!

Chicken Asiago Pasta from Disney's All-Star Resorts! Who knew something so good was at All-Stars?!