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Best 45 Quotes Images of Friendship

We have only been friends for around a year and a half but you are one if my closest best friends and you are always here for me, I love you to bits and we will always stay friendsI tell u everything and we know absolutely everything about each other :) I love you xxx

I never thought I was a bully until I listened to how I spoke to myself. I think I owe myself an apology.

It's okay if you are not a "natural" hugger. Hugging becomes easier with practice: hug your loved ones often to nurture your own body and soul as well as theirs.

I am Sam- I just watched this movie and I cried my eyes out at this point. Such a good movie!

Or just have a t-shirt printed up with the image of one on it for that same purpose. #introvert #HSP #INFJ #quotes