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“But the heart of podcasting is finding your favorite voices in this exciting field and subscribing to the best ones,” added Apple. It has highlighted some of the most popular podcasts of all time in a new section, as well as shifted the limelight on to some “captivating” new shows in iTunes.

Welcome to downLOADED, the show where opinionated geek and tech pundits gather around to discuss issues and news impacting technology and its users. This week we are coming to you from the Reel SEO Video Marketing Summit In San Francisco we’re joined by Paul Colligan the CEO of Colligan Inc. and Greg Jarboe the president of SEO-PR.

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PODCASTONE has partnered with ABACAST for ad insertion, campaign management, audience metrics, and delivery services using the ABACAST Clarity Digital Radio System. The system will allow PODCAST ONE to insert customized commercials in specific markets, targeting local markets and individual devices. 3D Printing Videos – What Would You 3D Print?

Elijah discusses the ideas behind the podcast and gives an overview of it's goals, target listeners, and how to jump into the conversation around The Idea to Open Podcast.

Highlights in this episode: How Gerlinda achieved her dream. How she handles day-to-day balance. How I’m applying the lessons I’ve learned from her in my own search to get paid to play!

Kickstarter, How Crowd Funding is Changing Business