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Edward S Curtis photographer in the early 1900's who photographed more than 80 tribes.

Frank A Rinehart (1861-1928) In Winter, Kiowa, 1898 (Sitting at the left - Ah-Keah-Boat (aka Jim Two Hatchet) kThis post has 254 notes tThis was posted 14 hours ago rThis was reblogged from savage-america Rhttp:// amertribes.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=k...

(Sinté Mazá,Oglala Lakota),Chief Iron Tail ,Who was one of the most famous Native Americans of his day and a popular subject for professional photographers ,Chief Iron Tails distinctive profile became well known across the United States as one of three models for the five-cent coin Buffalo nickel or Indian Head nickel.Photograph 1900.

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