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@bbctrending Over 100K Tweets using #ModiInsultsIndia in reaction to narendra modi's comments about his year as Prime Minister.. So Desis U felt ashamed of your Indian origins till this Serial Criminal Megalomaniac became India's Supreme Leader?

"Seriously? This guy will become the President of BJP; when the people, esply youth of India wanted politics free of criminality, corruption? Damn!" (+ SnoopGate, UPRiots...)

Due to time lapsed India's PM #Modi escapes FIR and 6 month Jail for offense of not revealing that he was married in all his Assembly Election affidavits (the wife was abandoned, but not divorced shortly after marriage in 1968, and has since been living alone)

April 10: Raghu Ram ‏@TweetFromRaghu Today's the day India kicks criminals out! Exciting! Was waiting for this day! #Vote4Jhaadu

Ratan Maitra on … India won't kick out one bunch of corrupt criminals to vote in another similarly corrupt (AND Communal-castist) gang, when Honest Alternative: available

For God's Sake Let #India Have atleast ONE State Govt that Practices Honesty, ENDS endemic #Corruption, Castism, Communalism, Increases Productivity: DONATE Clean Money 4 #CleanPolitics, NRIs, PIOs can too:

News18 Buzz on

Khush Bhakton? These are #India's New Rakshas RSS Censors

Dr. Madhusudan Goyal on

We saw the BJP+Cong come together to betray India! Unite 4 India, #Unite4AAP

16 days Left for a Corruption Free #Delhi. via #5SaalKejriwal @AamAadmiParty & gradually a #India Free of Corruption, Cronyism, Communalism, Castism, Incompetence in Governance. For Honest, United Delhi & India

@AamAadmiParty's #WomenDialogue: Let's make #Delhi, The National Capital of India, safer for #Women. to India's ONLY Party w/ 100% Transparent Funding, NO Black Rs from Corrupt Cronies, Mafias...