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@bbctrending Over 100K Tweets using #ModiInsultsIndia in reaction to narendra modi's comments about his year as Prime Minister.. So Desis U felt ashamed of your Indian origins till this Serial Criminal Megalomaniac became India's Supreme Leader?
Singapore's First Feminine President Will Be A Hijab-Carrying Muslim GirlSingapore is set to welcome its first female president ― a hijab-wearing Muslim woman named Halimah Yacob.  Yacob was the only candidate to meet the stringent qualifications for presidency set up by Singapore’s Elections Department, the Straits Times reports. That means she’s likely to become president-elect after nominations close on Wednesday, and take her oath of office on Thursday.  Since Yacob was the only…
NEW DELHI:  The government has ordered a cut of nearly 20 percent in its 2014/15 healthcare budget due to fiscal strains, putting at risk key disease control initiatives in a country whose public spending on health is already among the lowest in the world. Two health ministry officials told Reuters on Tuesday that…
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Rodrigo Duterte in Cebu: Its time for a new Visayan hero In his first political sortie in the Visayan hub after he declared he was running for president Duterte taps into regional pride and his own Cebuano roots