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from BuzzFeed

19 Bejeweled Skeletons That'll Blow Your Mind

The decorated skeleton of St. Maximus (Bürglen, Switzerland) “He was believed to have been an Early Christian soldier who was martyred (hence the armour). He was decorated in the late 17th century and became associated with the legend of a feral white cat, which some believed was his ghost that prowled the village to check on its residents.”

from BuzzFeed

19 Bejeweled Skeletons That'll Blow Your Mind

St. Deodatus (Rheinau, Swizterland) | “One of two seated skeletons which arrived late in the 17th century in the town’s monastic church. He shows a rare style of facial decorations, with a wax mask moulded over the upper half of the skull, and a cloth wrap over the lower half, with a cut away to reveal the teeth.”


Take Me Down To The Vatican City

Vatican 'Secret' Archives were resolutely a no go zone until 1881, when Pope Leo XIII opened them to researchers. The word secret simply refers to Private. The church is to guilty to have secretes.

Roman Catholic This may very well be one of my best shots ever. It is taken on Wall Street, right in front of Trinity church, and the person to the right is arguing with this woman, probably about what it takes or doesn't take to get to heaven...

Robert Tilton (the farting preacher). In a world of scheming, money-hungry religion, he is one of the worst. .

First Black Catholic Bishop Rev. Joseph O. Bowers - Jet Magazine, May 7, 1953 by vieilles_annonces, via Flickr

Leaked pictures from the Vatican show that Benedict XVI has built a throne for Satan, exact copy of the throne of the Devil in hell, at the Vatican. To cover their behinds, the Vatican says it's the resurrection of Jesus out of a nuclear blast, yah right! EXPOSED!

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