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Three cheers for flu season! The chilly months of autumn bring a host of illnesses that make our throats phlegmy and our noses runny. Whether you have a cold or flu, sitting at your desk amidst an ocean of tissues, or coughing your way through every conversation can put a real damper on your day.... View Article

Goji or wolfberry is used in traditional Chinese medicine and as food in China. The juice of wolfberries and the berries themselves are sold for the various health benefits that it offers. Health benefits of goji berry include control of diabetes, lowering of cholesterol, free radical scavenging, and cardio protection, possible cancer control, protection of brain cells, protection of liver and skin protection from UV radiation.

...your gut is your second brain providing more input to your brain than the brain provides to it. This is why your gut health is largely reflected in your gut bacteria, including your mental health and emotional well-being.

Centenarians are happy and optimistic individuals enjoying life at or beyond the age of 100 years while having low rates of health problems.

Immediately improves the look of dry flaky skin, stretch marks and crepey skin. This effective nutritive serum for body and face work without irritating your skin. Not chemicals to keeps pores clog-free. Ultra-concentrated for extra tanning and healthy color. 100% natural made of vitamins and antioxidant rich oils, extracts, and essentials that deeply penetrate to deliver nutrients to feed, protect and support your skin.

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2 Natural Ways To Stop Sugar Cravings

How To Stop Sugar Cravings: Try gymnema This vine, native to India, seems to reduce sugar cravings. Add 30-40 drops of gymnema tincture (sold at health food stores) to a little water, swish in your mouth for 30 sec, & then swallow. Repeat every 2 or 3 hrs as needed. Because gymnema works only when it comes in contact w/the tongue, extracts in pills or capsules won't work.