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Don't you think if I could, I would already have done that. It takes time. If you can't understand that, I don't need you in my life.

Anorexia: Involuntary hospitalization in extreme situations can save lives

I want people to understand this! This is so true. Everyone's just like, "Be happy!" And I can't just "be happy" whenever I want to. Because I'm not. And I can't. Get over it

Mountain Biking (Click on this link to see some totally insane scenic photos / pathways. Unbelievable!!!!. M.)

Extreme Cycling - This seriously made my heart drop, I'm so scared of heights! These peeps are crazy.

I would never have to look past my own back yard for inspiration.  I can only imagine the silver pieces I would create in this wonderful place!  I would sleep like a baby with the sound of all the waterfalls echoing through the stone walls of those cavernous rooms.  Wow!

10 Most Unbelievable Places that really Exist

I think I could happily live ever after in this awesome place. Waterfall Castle, The Enchanted Wood, Poland

Horrifying what Meth does to people. It's the REAL Zombie-making drug. Unbelievably heartbreaking for these people.

The horror of Meth: Before-and-after pictures reveal shocking transformation in faces of users hooked on deadly drug

What These 21 People Did With Their Broken Stuff Is Totally GENIUS - Dose - Your Daily Dose of Amazing

This Genius IKEA Hack Is The Best One Yet — And It Only Costs $10

Items similar to I Love You 2 Special Dinner Fork Collector set 4 Silverware Coat Hooks American Sign Language on Etsy

The newborn baby was rescued by firefighters after being flushed down a toilet.  Pujiang, Zhejiang Province.  China

Did mother raise the alarm after flushing away her own baby? 22-year-old watched in secret as rescuers plucked newborn ALIVE from the toilet pipe

Newborn baby found alive in sewer pipe in China. Newborn's fall into toilet was accidental, officials say. Chinese baby flushed down toilet rescued ALIVE Chi.

Les plus vieux Arbres vivants du Monde (3)

Les plus vieux Arbres vivants du Monde

On top of the White Mountains in California Inyo National Park, grow pine “Great Basin Bristlecone”, governing the oldest living trees in the world.

Massive landslide hits Taiwan highway

Funny pictures about Silly Earth. Oh, and cool pics about Silly Earth. Also, Silly Earth.

No matter how much sadness and fear there is in the world, it is important to take a few moments every so often and remember how beautiful human beings can really be. These are a few moments that prove just how far that beauty can stretch.

The Lingering Death of a Meditation Practice

A London bus stops for a London bus. A most delightfully British photo.