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1957 Sears Christmas Catalogue

1957 Sears Christmas Catalog we had the big white horse for our children, handed down fro.their fathers childhood

Cowboy & Cowgirl Costumes in the 1963 Sears Christmas Catalog.  I had a cowboy outfit, but I don't remember wearing it very many times before I outgrew it.  lol

From a 1963 Sears Christmas Catalog - cowboy and cowgirl costumes! I wore my turquoise and black cowgirl outfit to kindergarten.

Toys - 1957 Christmas Catalog Wishbook. I'll bet that was one of the pages that caught my eye.

1957 Sears Christmas Catalog Wishbook The dollhouse bottom right looks like the one I had as a kid.

I couldn't wait until we got the new Christmas catalog.... I would go through and mark everything I wanted and then said Santa could take his pick!  lol!

Remember the BIG catalogs? I especially loved the Sears 'Christmas' catalog. many a night, circling things that I wanted Santa to bring! Of course it helped that my family had a Sears Catalog Store!

Velvet pedal pushers and frilly blouse

I❤80s on

Peddle pushers and frilly blouses.yep, it's the I had a navy blue linen pair of side button peddle pushers and a matching bomber jacket, I think I used to wear it with a frilled neck ( lizard ) skivvy.