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Without bees, no garden! No food, no crops, we starve. Don't use pesticides on your yard. It's pesticides that are doing so much damage to them

Busy Bee - 8x10 Art Print

16 Secrets To Becoming Instagram Famous That No One Ever Talks About

Makaveli in this...Killuminati, all through your body. The blow is like a twelve gauge shotty!

Francesco Stelluti (1625). An engraving from Melissographia, which was presented to Pope Urban VII. Bees were the heraldic emblem of the Barberini family to which Pope Urban VIII belonged. This engraving was gifted to him.

Visual and Found Poetry

found poetry.... OH MY GOSH I WAN TO TRY THIS!!! or just pick out random words from a page and use them in a poem... But this is amazing! It would get you thinking so much so that even if you can't find a poem on the given page, you'll probably find a poem on the blank page in your mind... I'm thinking cure for writers block

100 honey bee hives across Scotland have sound-monitoring computers to test a theory that the insects have an entire language unknown to humans.