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How fabulous would it be to have so much space that you could dedicate an entire closet to lingerie? Stuff of dreams…

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Why IS Pine Bluff America's most crime-ridden town? The small community that's second only to Detroit for law-breaking

Pine Bluff Draws International attention due to its high crime rates. "Pine Bluff, AR might seem like any other struggling town in the United States. But after soaring crime rates and the economic downturn, it has been dubbed the most dangerous little town in America. Last year there were 18 murders alone in Pine Bluff, which has a population of just 49,000 - seven times the national average per capita. 2 people have already been killed this year and recent figures ranked it 2nd…

❤Women, rock your curves!❤ Thick Womens Are Winning! No more Boobies and ASS AND BOOTY!!

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How To Start Over When Your Marriage Falls Apart

Wisdom from Maddie's mom on finding the strength to end a marriage: "Accept nothing less than living your life with your one great love—the one who has your back—thick and thin—sickness and health—your best friend— even if it means being alone long enough to figure out what that means to you. Don’t be bought out to stay. Don’t stay for the kids, or the dog, or the cat—they will all see right through you. Go. It’s worth the leap. You will figure it out and find your way to the real thing."

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Let’s enjoy life! (20 photos)

Let's enjoy life!

Have the courage to take the steps required to change your life, however small.

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67 Inspirational And Motivational Quotes You're Going To Love

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Sarah Michelle Gellar Says Good-Bye to Body Stress

FIND BALANCE You can't live your life by the scale. We don't even have one in our house. I've never believed in them, because your weight fluctuates. It's more about how my clothing fits than a number. Besides, if you deny yourself everything because you're so focused on the mirror or the scale, then when do you get to enjoy life?