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Adulting + Organizing Your Life

Materials and tips on how to start organizing important papers, photos and how to start saving addresses and remembering birthdays!

12 Productivity Tools That Will Save You Time

Wordtracker free keyword tool, unlike Google free keyword research tool, might be free but not that effective. As like every other free tool out there, something has to give, like your identity.

Money + Simple Saving Tips

Simple saving tips that won't make you give up your favorite activities. It's easy to start, and you only have to pick one to make a difference. 

Tuesday Ten: Tips for Mastering an Interview

how to master an interview {great tips}

21 Job Interview Tips Everyone Should Know

21 job interview tips everyone should know before attending a job interview. always want to practice before attending a interview. practice in front of a mirror answering question you think might be asked.

Resume power verbs and Resume tips to boost your Resume

5 Steps I Took To Become More Productive

5 tips to being more productive | via @glitterguide /

3 Ways to Make Boring Birthdays More Exciting

Not every birthday is quite as much fun as 16 or 21, but there are ways to make…

6 Tips for Getting Your Adult Financial Life Together #theeverygirl

Organization: 8 simple steps to get you more organized

Here are 8 simple steps to help you with home organization. These 8 simple tips will make it easier to get and to stay organized.