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Putting the Cart Before the Art

The overpopulation of food vendors in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art prompted city surveillance in January to confirm whether they were disabled veterans or stand-ins.

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One Day in Pula, Croatia: 8 historic sights to see

Pula, Croatia is located near the southern tip of the Istrian Peninsula and is more industrial than other places in Istria. The large cranes in the shipyard, which can be seen on the approach by bus from Rovinj, certify that Pula is a ‘real’ working town, but the preserved historical and architectural features are what prompted our visit to Pula.

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China's Terracotta Army: Photo Essay

One of China’s great wonders can be seen in the city of Xi’an. In 1974 a group of local farmers were digging a water well in the area when they discovered pieces of terracotta. This discovery prompted an investigation and excavation that would unearth a hidden army of warriors, officials, horses, chariots, acrobats and musicians. Click to read more at

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60 Creative Public Awareness Ads That Makes You Think

writing prompt: a city designed to look like a desert. There are so many wonderful hidden societies or post apocalyptic worlds that could ste from this - Kristin

The Cuban Holocaust "Cuban cemetery "by,000 Cuban civilians died in 18 months 1896-97Spain is unapologetic for the Cuban holocaust prompted by their reconcentrado policy during the Cuban War of Independence (1895-1898). In consequence, half a million Cubans were herded into fortified cities and concentration camps, where some 170,000 died within eighteen months. The fatalities comprised ten percent of the island's population (p. 8).

the Eden project design in China will be distinct from the original, which houses a massive interior rainforest, it will surely draw inspiration from the original concept of land transformation and regeneration.

Huge victory against fluoride in Australia - Fluoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century if not of all time - Robert Carton PhD, former US EPA Scientist