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Mindless robot of panting devotion or critical thinker?

I'm still not over it and never will be. (Captain America: Civil War;Tony Stark; Steve Rogers)

I never thought about that. My poor FEELS. Captain America/Steve Rogers character analysis from Marvel. Taken from tumblr.

cue sobbing << *Sobs uncontrollably, making my parents eventually send me to a mental hospital and therapist* Thanks, Buck, JUST. THANKS!

This is so true. We've never seen Tony really afraid of anyone on the Avengers team. He's always been so deflective in the face of danger. Then Steve comes along and Tony trusts him... But not completely, because he doesn't trust anyone without a dark side. Until he sees just how dark Steve becomes and it's all because of Bucky. I wonder if Tony trusts Steve now. To me, it seems like the end of Civil War kind of pointed to that.