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VALENTINES DAY EVENT!!! Well, it's not starting yet, BUT we must make preparations ! (OvO) we are going to have a ball, because they tend to be romantic! If you want, you can ask other members to be your date to the ball! The actual ball will be the 12th-14th. Post your outfits before then! If you think I should add / change anything, just comment below!!-Admin

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Happy Valentine's Day from Wendy <3 Another holiday has come and Fairy Tail author Hiro Mashima's illustrations is as adorable as you'd hope for from his Valentine's art. (Feb 2015)

[Card] game "FAIRY TAIL BRAVE GUILD" part of the card images (continually updated) This game should be started in December last year on the tour page GREE mobile platform operations. From the moment I started playing the end of this year's Valentine's Day activities, since the start of this period just smartphones (behind the 233) so it was not very familiar with phone features, it is missing a lot of time to figure retained cards. But even if so doing also saved a lot, come to think of it…